The firm


Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados was founded in 1960. It specialized in Labor Law and became a national benchmark for this branch of legislation. As of January 2000, the firm began to expand with new professionals joining our team, following the progress of the Brazilian society and the market. We have gone through a dynamic cycle of modernization, training, and improvement, fostering growth and team connection, as well as diversification and an increase in the number of clients. Our working philosophy became the most distinctive trait of the firm: closeness and full availability to serve our clients in a personalized way, focused on their goals and strategies. In 2020, the firm celebrated 60 years of service, consistently keeping the best practices in the market, since its foundation.

Principles and values

Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados considers its professional reputation as its greatest asset. Therefore, we are highly committed with ethics, professionalism, and quality, not only with regard to our services, but also to the relationships we build with our clients, service providers, and suppliers.

The firm performs its professional role aware of its responsibilities towards the society which it belongs to, and the local and foreign people it interacts with. In addition, Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados's performance is based on correctness, transparency, and commitment to the best practices and results for its clients.


Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados's mission is to deliver legal services with excellence in the field of Labor Law.

The firm strives to constantly ensure the best results for its clients with ethics, responsibility, dedication, transparency, and excellence.

How we work

Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados is exclusively dedicated to Labor Law, with a well-established position in the Brazilian market, respected all over the country. Our level of expertise is supported by our more than 60 years of experience, as well as the consistent monitoring of the progress of legislation and changes in society. More than simply keeping up to date with legislation, this engagement implies a constant modernization, both in terms of technological resources and interaction, as well as legal ideas and theses.

For Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados's team, customer service requires persistent commitment, closeness, and personalized attention. Our aim is to establish trustworthy partnerships, which are focused on their needs and strategies. Therefore, the firm is structured in order to promptly follow up and meet all our clients' demands in a unique way, with a team of highly skilled professionals. Experts in the various aspects of Labor Law, the firm's members may gather in flexible work groups, with different formations, according to the characteristics and needs of each client.

Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados's HR team is additionally supported by interns – students of Law from Private or Public Universities – and the administrative service team.


Since 2018, Barreto Advogados & Consultores Associados has been recognized as one of the most highly appreciated law firms in Brazil by the Análise Advocacia yearbook, the largest and most relevant survey of the Brazilian legal market.

For the sixth consecutive year, the firm was mentioned with distinction in Labor Law.